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You may find a lot of Gurren Lagann art and Kill la Kill art here.

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Check out the full sized version on my deviantart please!

Part of a series of art presents for Cake!

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Just doodling and trying things out! 

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This doesn’t really have an explanation I thought of this a long time ago and I just got to digitally making it

Pretty sure my mindset when I thought it was was borderline high

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OC Stuff! I NEED TO DRAW MY OC’S MORE! I think people would really like my story!! Listening to Emilie Autumn really gets my muse going

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Happy Birthday you Japanese weeaboo artist tv loser

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More from the stream!

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Things I’ve been doing in my Gurren Lagann Art stream! I’m probably gonna close the stream in an hour or two but that’s plenty of time for a couple more requests! Come on in and say hi and introduce yourselves!

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Let’s just draw a lot of blond undercut boys today

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Crow from Anarchy Dreamers!

Mr hot stuffs mmmmmmmm

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Hello one and all! My birthday is coming up in a week and my friends invited me to go to JapanTown in San Fran with them for it! I’ve never been to JapanTown and I personally never been able to treat myself very much so I’d like to not worry about not having any money to spend a little.

If you’re interested in my hentai/ecchi pictures, check out my NSFW Art Blog here! Though hentai/ecchi pictures will cost +$5 because I can only do them at night! c: If you want more people I’ll offer a discount. Just ask me about it.

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Example of Full-Body Commission! Space-Outfit Yoko!

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Doodling the ot3

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Forver sorry about phone photo’s but I tried cleaning it up slightly ;w;

Concept art for an RPG maker game I want to do

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shits on everything

I can’t fucking focus on drawing anything with EFFORT lately why

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